Grand Forks Mayor Gives State Of The City Address

The Mayor covered topics like: The 2020 census, UND and the spring flooding.

GRAND FORKS, N.D.- Mayor Michael Brown says there’s no place like Grand Forks.

“Grand Forks is where, literally, the sky is not the limit. And we act confidently and competently to reach new opportunities,” Mayor Brown says.

He says the city’s mission is to protect and serve.

And this will be no exception once the spring flood comes.

“I assure you that the city, and our state and county partners will be prepared. Our flood protection system is in place, thanks to the work done two decades ago and by those who have maintained it since,” he says.

Among the topics covered, Brown spoke about his goal of making UND a Top 10 college town with the help of nonprofits, UND students, faculty and staff.

“A goal of the group has been to establish a “rhythm of events” for UND students who so often say there’s nothing to do in Grand Forks,” Gracie Lian, the Student Body President at UND says.

The mayor also spoke about how Grand Forks is already becoming the next Mecca for technology.

“When you think of things like robotics and cyber security, those technologies are changing the world as we know it today, and that spreads to areas such as agriculture, health care, public safety, and energy production. And we’re just proud to be part of that,” Josh Riedy, the CEO of Airtonomy says.

He also emphazised the importance of participating in the 2020 census.

“Our census is critical. Our community, especially those in the most need, depend on this funding for a high quality of life,” Mayor Brown says.

For the Mayor, the future of Grand Forks starts today.

“This place dreams and inspires. This palces can change the world and has record to prove it. And together, together, we achieve. This place is special. This place Grand Forks,” he adds.

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