Kids Hit The Ice At Squirt International B1 Hockey Tournament

Over 80 Teams Competed In The Weekend Tournament

FARGO, N.D. —Over 80 teams, hundreds of kids from multiple states and Canada pack into hockey rinks across the valley for one big weekend.

“It’s like a mini-vacation for a lot of these families, cause they are coming here to beautiful Fargo, for the weekend and we try and make their weekend a fun time,” Rink Manager Brad Selsth said.

Selsth is just one of the many hockey parents who volunteer their time to get everything set up for this massive tournament.

Parents like Kirk Lindemann who come watch their kids play say they have a blast.

“Good to see them dedicated to something and not on the Xbox or Fortnite or any of that, it’s good there are a lot of kids like mine it’s good for them and good for the community, Lindemann said.

Like any good parent watching their kid play, they are always the biggest supporters.

“We don’t put too much pressure on them, we actually do a rink in our backyard so we give them the means to practice but we don’t push him. It’s all up to him, we are not going to force anything and he seems to enjoy it so we are going to encourage that and endorse that,” Lindemann said.

Lindemann actually grew up playing so making the transition from the hardwood to ice was a change.

“Didn’t grow up watching it, but it’s a fascinating sport there is more rules than you think, Lindemann said.

 He says getting your kids involved in their community through sports and other activities is one of the best things you can do for them.

 “Just keep them occupied if they are doing something if they are not getting into trouble that’s kind of my theory, “Lindemann said.

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