Horse Found Dead On Property Under Investigation Along I-29

Owner Tells authorities He Was responsible For The Animal's Death

ARGUSVILLE, N.D. – A horse is found dead one day after authorities stopped at a property along I-29 to investigate its welfare.

Cass County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement about the investigation:

After an investigation into the welfare of a horse along I-29 prompted by public concerns, Cass County authorities, with the assistance of the Animal Health Division of the State Department of Agriculture and the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association, served a search warrant at 16753 22nd St. SE; rural Argusville at approximately 2 PM yesterday.   Authorities obtained a search warrant to access the property and physically inspect both the property and wellbeing of the horse.  At the conclusion of the search warrant, authorities contacted Dean Goehring, who owns both the property and horse. Dean was advised of the necessary changes that needed to occur.  Dean was advised the fencing securing the property was not in good repair and posed a potential safety risk to the nearby motoring public and horse.  There was an inadequate water supply and the condition of the property posed many dangers to the horse.

During a discussion with authorities, Mr. Goehring advised his intent was to euthanize the horse out of concern for public safety.  Mr. Goehring was advised by authorities they would provide assistance in removing and relocating the horse if Mr. Goehring wished.  Out of concern for the safety of the public and horse, a second search warrant was served this morning to check on the welfare of the horse.  Upon entry to the property, law enforcement discovered the horse was deceased. Mr. Goehring advised authorities he was responsible for dispatching the horse.

This case remains active at this time, once complete, the case will be referred to the Cass County States Attorney’s Office for their review.



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