Pet Connection: Meet Simon

Simon Says "Adopt Me!"

The way to a guy’s heart is often through his stomach. Simon proved that when he swooped in for this week’s Pet Connection, from C.A.A.R.E.
He’s a 32-year-old Blue-fronted Amazon, and he loves his treats, everything from fruits and veggies, to eggs, chicken bones and proper bird food.
He warmed up to C.A.A.R.E. volunteer Lydia Leopold pretty quickly with a few treats.
Simon is pretty talkative. You can literally play “Simon Says” with him! He loves to play with all sorts of toys, and even loves bathing. He’ll hop in the shower with you.
He does prefer men to women, but will warm up to most people, especially if they have a treat.
Birds like him typically live up to 60 years, so you can have decades of fun with Simon.

Click here for more information on Simon and other birds looking for homes at C.A.A.R.E.

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