Churches United Asking For Donations At Food Pantries For Minnesota Food Share

Koesterman Says Any Kind Of Donation Either Monetary Or By Volunteering Your Time Helps The Community As A Whole

MOORHEAD, Minn. — When you think of what 10 dollars can mean for your average trip to the grocery store, you can only get so much.
But for food pantries like Dorthy Day, that cash can really make a difference in keeping the shelves stocked.

“We can stretch your dollar further through the Great Plains Food Bank and other different non-profits in the area so maybe that 10 dollars can get you ten cans of green beans at Hornbachers but we are able to get it out too maybe 20 to 30 cans with different varieties,” Community and Member Relations for Churches United Brady McClaflin said.

That demand for food is needed as Churches United says over 8% of the population in Cass and Clay County experience food insecurity.
That’s why the organization and the pantry are leading a local effort for the Minnesota Foodshare throughout the month of March and halfway through April.

“You know Monday through Thursday that we are open, we get about 30 households that come in. That number jumps up depending on the day. We have had 45 households coming in,” McClaflin said.

The pantry prides itself on offering a variety of nutrition packed foods like beans, eggs and vegetables so families can get the right kind of foods in their diet.

“When families are food insecure they end up spending the little bit of money that they have on foods that are not nutritionally dense that don’t contribute to the health and well being of the household as a whole,” Executive Director Of Churches United Sue Koesterman said.

Koesterman says any kind of donation either monetary or by volunteering your time helps the community as a whole.

“Because this helps your neighbors, I always think it’s important for folks to remember that people in the community who experiencing food insecurities or poverty or homelessness are our neighbors in the community,” Koesterman said.

Link to volunteer and donate.

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