Travel tips regarding Coronavirus

If you are traveling, here are some safety tips from local travel agents

FARGO, N.D. — With the Coronavirus still making its way around the globe, some in North Dakota and Minnesota are questioning their upcoming travel plans.

One local travel agent says he’s had to cancel a trip for someone going to Asia.

Travel agents say it’s too early to determine whether or not they’ll see more cancellations in the coming weeks.

Although every situation is different, they do have a couple recommendations if you plan on traveling.

“The most important thing is having travel insurance,” says Patty Auka with Travel Leaders Fargo. “A lot of people just think about travel insurance well, maybe if there’s bad weather, no this is another case where it’s good to have travel insurance.”

“The one thing I might suggest to people if they are traveling internationally and they have some concern, there is a program that the Department of State puts together that’s called the STEP program,” says Travel Inc. Moorhead agent Tod Ganje.

STEP, or Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, allows travelers to know about safety conditions in their destination country.

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They also say practicing good personal hygiene while traveling such as washing your hands often and covering your mouth when coughing is key.

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