Organizations suit up for Hockey For Hope Inc. fundraiser

FARGO, N.D. – Organizations from all across the valley are hitting the ice for the 2020 Hockey for HOPE, Inc. fundraiser in Fargo.

From firefighters, local businesses and even the KVRR staff geared themselves up for sled hockey.

“I wasn’t really much of a hockey player in the first place, it’s always fun, I have been doing it a couple years now and it takes a little getting used to but it’s fun,” Joe Svir with Fargo Fight Department said.

The loudest supporter of the teams is the main guy behind everything at Hope Inc.: Bill Grommesh.

“All the Hope events are energizing. I love it when folks come to watch when they come to play. It’s a ton of fun for people to come out and watch” Grommesh explained.

For businesses in the community, the time they spend helping everyone out is it’s own reward.

“It’s kind of cliche to say you get more out of it that you put into it but I truly feel that way. I go back to work refreshed being able to do something good in the community and really helps put things into perspective,” Trent Frier with Sammons Financial Group said.

The money raised from the games goes right back into the organization to offer activities for kids and adults of all abilities.

A group of students from Oak Grove Lutheran School in Fargo decided to face off on the ice and staff say they are learning some important life lessons.

“To see that no matter what to take the time to get out and get some exercise and really try something new and different in the service of others is a wonderful thing,” Oak Grove Chief Advancement Officer Matthew Hallaway said.

Grommesh says it’s great to see so many people and organizations come out to support the work that Hope Inc does not only today, but all year.

“We are trying to spread awareness in what we are doing and we are trying to spread awareness in the community for folks that qualify in our program. You know I have mentioned before folks are a little bit nervous about coming to try for the first time, once we get you here you are probably going to come back,” Grommesh explained.

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