Community Comes Together For Annual Women’s March

The march was originally going to happen in January, but was postponed due to the blizzard.

FARGO, N.D- John Mcmullen from Fargo came with his partner and her daughter.

He says it’s important to show her that she has every right to be in control of her own decisions.

“I really want her to know that she can do anything, don’t listen to anybody. Putting her down, telling her she can’t do something because she’s a girl and I’m here. You know, it’s a woman’s choice what she does with her body, it’s not mine or any man’s. It’s just showing unified support. Women are a big part of everybody’s lives so we need to support them,” he says.

For organizers, it was important to show the people in the community that as small as Fargo is, they have a support system that they can lean on in difficult times.

“I think that’s important that as women, we know that we have support here. It’s not just about the big cities, that even women here in small towns in Midwestern USA, can still come together and make a stand and make our voice heard and just let people know,” says volunteer,  Jessica Spaulding.

“Fargo is no different than any of the other places in the country and the world that are worried about what’s going on and wanna do something about it,” the organizer of Women’s March, Nicole Manson says.

Women, men and children from all over North Dakota walked one and a half miles across the NDSU Campus as a way to protest racism and protect human rights.

“It’s a great day for women to come out and celebrate the hard work that we’ve done to make change in our community in our world, and learn more about the work that we still have left to do,” Manson says.

Over 100 people attended the march and most say they left inspired to do more in their community

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