RRWMB Meets To Discuss Projects That Would Reduce Flooding

The conference had over 20 speakers discuss flooding and potential projects.

MOORHEAD, Minn.- Jason Braaten is a farmer from Roseau, Minnesota who decided to join the Red River Watershed Management Board three years ago to help other farmers in the community.

“We kind of look at all the neighbors and say, well how can we benefit the neighbors by looking at my farm and say, let’s look at the big picture and see if we can make a difference in the community and see if we can fix some of the drainage problems,” Braaten says.

He says last year was very challenging for him and his brother, who runs the farm with him.

“We ended up leaving about 560 acres of crop out in the field. That it was just too wet and it got too much flood water backed up on it,” he says.

For him, every small progress being made in the organization counts as an achievement.

“We can’t really fix problems like we had last year, but if we can fix stuff, where we can get our ditches in better shape to control the water a little bit better, move the water out of our area faster so the water that’s coming on, we can maybe take little bit less strain off some of the farmers,” Braaten adds.

The goal of the organization is to meet every year to coordinate and finance projects to alleviate flooding in the Red River.

“Our focus on obtaining dollars in the state is still important, it’s an ongoing effort, these projects take a lot of time, sometimes it’s five to ten years for a project to get done. So, we need funding on different phases of a project, so that’s one of the key issues,” Rob Sip, the Executive Director at theĀ  Red River Watershed Management Board says.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the need for flood mitigation is 293 million dollars.

20 million has been requested to fund local flood projects across the state of Minnesota.

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