Gov. Burgum says sandbaggers are doing well, looks forward to permanent flood protection

The city is behind production levels for their goal.

FARGO, N.D. — Volunteers are working around the clock at Sandbag Central to get 400 thousand sandbags ready by the end of the week.

The city is behind production levels for their goal.

“It really reinforces the need, this community we are talking about trying to protect here represents nearly 20 percent of the school children in the state of North Dakota,” North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said.

Burgum says sandbagging is becoming effective because of better mapping and distribution of sandbags.

He says getting the bags to the right places will be a bigger concern with the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

“When we are talking about the Coronavirus, which we know will come to North Dakota we know that’s going to happen, when it comes we need to be sure that our medical facilities are working,” Gov. Burgum said.

Burgum says although volunteers are getting the job done, the state needs to look to more permanent solutions like the F-M diversion project.

“This is one of the most significant infrastructure bills in the history of the state on the flood protection standpoint on a per person, per dollar, per acre will be the most efficient tax project ever done,” Gov. Burgum said.

Sandbag Central has set up hand washing and hand sanitizing stations with four health officials always on the ground making sure everything is safe.

“The Coronavirus is a concern, but what we have been doing here, and I think you have seen that is following the CDC local health recommendations,” Fargo City Administrator Bruce Grubb said.

Any additional sandbags not used, will go towards helping rural Clay and Cass county as well as Jamestown.

Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn says anybody can provide a helping hand.

“Anybody the next couple days come out and volunteer, I’m going to be working tomorrow afternoon I expect some of these people from the media helping too,” Piepkorn said.

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