LIVE: Keep Your Home Safe When You Travel

Travel Tips From Fargo Police Department


Spring break and summer travel season is getting here fast. Fargo Police want you to make sure you don’t leave your home vulnerable when you head out of town.

Basically, they recommend making it look like you’re still home when you’re gone.
That means making sure lights are on and pausing mail and newspaper delivery.
If we get a late winter snowstorm, make sure someone shovels your driveway and walks. That can be a tell tale sign you’re not home.
That even stretches to social media. Police recommend you not post vacation pics right away unless your account is locked down.

Police PIO Jessica Schindeldecker says, “Facebook or Instagram, you’re friends with friends, and sometimes they like and comment and their friends see things, and just be even Googling your name of you have your full name on your Facebook or your account, they can put that into Google to look up and see ‘OK, where is your address? Where do you live?'”

You can also register valuables on the Police Department’s “My Property” page. Click here for more info.

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