Fargo Marathon ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ That Run Will Go On

FARGO, ND – The Fargo Marathon is still on schedule to launch in May, even with the fear of the Coronavirus cancelling events around the country.

The marathon will be beefing up their first aid stations and common areas with more portable hand washing stations and extra hand sanitizer.

The marathon will also be actively cooperating with government officials when it comes to the Coronavirus, and following all guidelines that the state Health Departments and the CDC require.

“Hold off on cancelling anything, we are still pushing forward, but we will update people. At this point we are staying cautiously optimistic, we are proceeding as normally planned, and hoping for a good outcome here,” said Mark Knutson, the Executive Director of the Fargo Marathon.

The marathon will actively be monitoring the virus and its spread and will provide updates on the status of the event as May approaches.

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