Junior ROTC Cadets Shave Their Head To Support One Of Their Own

More than 20 cadets shaved their heads at Fargo South High School

FARGO, N.D.- Fellow Cadet Thompson was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and after that things  progressed quickly.

He found out he was scheduled to have brain surgery this week and one of the things he was struggling with the most was having to shave his head.

The Junior ROTC  Cadets got together and decided that the best way to show support for their own was to shave their heads as well.

“His biggest complaint was having to shave his head, because of the brain surgery. In class he mentioned what we should do for it, and he kind of threw that out there and then it started growing throughout our cadets and here we are today,” says Chief James Gibson the JRTOC Instructor at Fargo Public Schools.

More than 20 cadets shaved their heads to support Cadet Thompson.

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