Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Declares State Of Emergency For Coronavirus

The State Has Tested Over 500 People For The Coronavirus With Only 14 Confirmed Cases

ST.PAUL, MINN. — In an address at the state capital in Saint Paul, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz laid out the plans the state would be taking to battle the coronavirus.

“I would ask you all to think of this as opening the tool box, we are not taking a tool out of it as of today in terms of things we can do,” Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said.

Governor Walz listed a number of recommendations for the state to follow including, canceling or postponing events with more than 250 people.

Limiting work hours and non essential travel for businesses and hospitals.

As well as making it easier for people to work from home.

“We have long thought it is not possible to stop it but it makes a world of difference if we can slow it down and spread it out and that is what these strategies are designed to do,” Minnesota Department Of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said.

Commissioner Malcolm defended the state’s decision to allow K-12 schools to remain open during the outbreak across the country.

She says kids and teens are at the lowest risk from COVID-19 and that short term school closures don’t make a significant impact in stopping the spread.

“I know this runs counter to the instinct that many of us have to protect our children and to see closing schools as a precaution and given the concern we all have about a new virus I don’t blame anyone for having these tough questions,” Malcolm said.

The state has tested over 500 people for the Coronavirus with only 14 confirmed cases.

Malcolm says the state’s ability to conduct testing for potential cases is becoming more limited.

“Are supplies are time challenged, the supply chain is very complex and there are many components. It’s not just the number of kits from the CDC,” Malcolm said.

The Department Of Health has opened up a hotline for more resources for potential cases as well as protecting the public from scammers and to prevent price gouging of needed supplies.

“Ignore online offers for miracle health products, treatments or vaccinations these things just don’t exist legitimate vaccines are being worked on now you will find out from the proper authorities when they are actually available,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said.

Direct Link For Hotline And Guidelines For Minnesota

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