Multiple “Smash and Grabs” Reported Across Metro

Police urge people to remove valuables from their vehicles

FARGO, N.D. — Police in the metro responding to multiple “smash and grabs” at local gyms beginning at around 5:30 this morning.

Officers say thieves broke into at least seven vehicles across Fargo and stole things like purses and wallets out of them.

They are urging people to remove valuables from their vehicles or to put them in an area not visible to people from the outside.

“What’s really important is to be sure that you don’t have valuable items inside your vehicle when you’re leaving it, so if you’re going into a workout facility, or even to a daycare, bring that purse with you, bring your valuables with you, put them out of sight, so in the backseat so they’re not visible or in the trunk,” says Fargo Crime Prevention and Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker.

They also say drivers should park in well-lit areas when possible.

If there are surveillance cameras nearby, park next to one if you can.

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