Police Warn of Coronavirus-Related Scams

Officials say scammers are looking to capitalize on people's fears

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Police is warning the elderly about coronavirus-related scams.

Officials say scammers are calling elderly people claiming they have a COVID-19 vaccine.

The scammers are asking people to reserve a dose with over-the-phone payments.

A COVID-19 vaccine does not yet exist.

Police are also warning people of coronavirus phishing emails.

Although there are no reports of these scams in Fargo yet, police say it’s never too early to take precautions.

“A lot of times, there are people who don’t have good intent, who are scammers, who are looking to take advantage of the situation like what’s going on right now — crises that happen, so whether it’s a hurricane, or a tornado, or right now, we have a public health crisis and unfortunately, there are individuals out there who are looking to capitalize on people’s fears,” says Fargo Police Crime Prevention and Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker.

They say to not click on any ads or links linked to making money off of the coronavirus.

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