The Coronavirus Is Having A Negative Impact On The Beauty Industry

Two businesses in Fargo say there has been a decrease of clients and a number of cancellations.

FARGO, N.D.- Hair and nails salons in the area are continuing to see a decrease of customers.

“This week we started to see the impact because there were less clients compared to last week. We were decent last week,” says Duyen Lam, manager at Q Nail & Spa.

“I noticed it immediately today when I started. Because my phones weren’t ringing like they normally do,” says Lisa Kolrud, Front Desk Manager and Partner at Hair Success.

They say they’ve also started to receive a number of calls from people cancelling appointments.

“The phone calls that I was taking were cancellations. Largely due to children not going to school
And so the parents can’t leave them alone and get out for their appointment,” Kolrud says.

“There were many cancellations of people who would prefer not to leave their houses,” she adds.

Even though they are seeing less people come through the doors, they are still making sure to clean every area of the space.

“We’re wiping down all the door knobs and handles to the doors. We’re keeping hand sanitizers everywhere throughout the salon. Some of the service providers are wearing gloves and then we’re also getting up and washing our hands I would say about every half hour,” Kolrud says.

“We sanitize a lot more often,” Lam says.

Hair Success Salon, Spa & Medispa in Fargo usually sees up to 200 people a day.

Now, they’re expecting to see half that amount.

“I’m hoping that this is short term. And that everything looks up for everybody. So, we can get back to business as usual,” Kolrud adds.

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