Gov. Walz not ready for shelter in place order

He is expecting for Coronavirus cases to jump rapidly.

MINNESOTA – Gov. Walz says although he is not ready to order residents to shelter in place, it could happen soon if things worsen quickly.

Walz says he will continue to ask the federal government for more tests as the state has only been able to test two thousand people.

He signed an executive order to stop people from taking advantage of others during a time of crisis.

“Minnesota is one of the few states that doesn’t have a price gouging law in place. We’re going to take a look and make sure, we’ve been working with the attorney general to make sure it doesn’t happen here. Today I signed an executive order to prohibit price gouging these times of emergency,” says Governor Walz.

Governor Walz also announced a collaborative effort with the YMCA to continue education for local kids.


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