Moorhead’s Fix It Forward planning free oil changes for people impacted by Coronavirus

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Moorhead’s Fix it Forward is looking help ease the stress of paying for vehicle maintenance during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Fix it Forward plans to help auto owners by giving free oil changes and maintenance checks while COVID-19 keeps many out of work.

The company’s goal is to make sure keeping a vehicle running doesn’t become a problem for families because losing a vehicle could mean losing a job.

“It’s just one small piece that we can do. We can’t solve their problems- we can’t solve their problems about you know not having an income, or you know all the bills that might be stacking up, but if we can fix this one piece that we’re capable of doing then maybe we can make everybody’s lives- those people’s lives a little bit easier,” Fix It Forward Co-Founder Matthew Carlson said.

With both their ministry and auto care, those at Fix it Forward say they’re looking to make this high stress period just a little bit more manageable.

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