Sanford Launches In-House COVID-19 Testing

Sanford officials say this will enable far more patients to be tested

FARGO, N.D. — Under the Emergency Use Authorization, Sanford is now processing COVID-19 tests using an FDA-approved method at its clinics and medical centers.

Previously, tests were sent to the state Department of Health or commercial labs.

The tests will now be processed at the Sanford laboratory in Sioux Falls.

To be tested, patients must meet high-risk criteria and have a physician order.

Sanford officials say in-house testing will enable far more patients to be tested.

“We now have three testing options. Sanford now performs them ourselves within our laboratory, transported to our Sioux Falls location. We still have the opportunity to send them to the North Dakota Department of Health, and to Quest Diagnostic Laboratory,” says Sanford Chief Medical Officer Dr. Douglas Griffin.

Those at Sanford estimate staff will be able to process 400 tests per day, with plans to double that capacity in the coming weeks.

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