Social Distancing: Quarantine Curls

People Getting Creative With Fitness During Social Distancing


Hey! How was your weekend? How did you handle two uninterrupted days of social distancing?
My running group is on hiatus, so I went out alone on Saturday.

I’m supposed to be training for the Fargo Marathon half marathon.
That’s pushed back two and a half months now, but I still want to keep my training schedule.
I was supposed to run further than I ever had before, so I kept it up I ran over 10 miles!

There’s me rocking a hoodie from my favorite bar in North Dakota.
The best part is, I was out two and a half hours, and I think I only ran into four people that whole time. Social distancing!
I think telling you guys about all this keeps me accountable.

I’m not the only one who’s been changing up their fitness routine because of COVID-19. This guy has a some new workout buddies.

Jon Roberts calls these quarantine curls. The kids probably just call it playing with dad. He’s a standup comedian on the Red Lake Nation. And if you follow him on Twitter you’ll see he’s been pretty serious about exercise and getting healthier, so good on him for keeping it up at home.

Keep letting us know how you’re practicing social distancing! Message or comment on Facebook or Twitter.
We’ll share what you guys are doing and i’ll keep sharing the changes I’m making. Maybe we can have a little fun while we’re doing it.

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