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Social Distancing: Missile Site Auction Goes Viral

Is A Cold War-Era Missile Site The Perfect Place To Socially Distance?

  If you really want to social distance and truly get away from it all, behind layers of security, a place where you can truly shut off from the world, we’ve got the the spot for you. Only, people are starting to take notice everywhere. You can bid on a sprint missile site in Walsh County. The auction is August…

Social Distancing: The Taste Of Victory

Pizza Honors Spuds After Winning Best HS Nickname In Minnesota

  High School football is delayed until spring in Minnesota this year due to COVID-19, but you can still celebrate a rousing Spuds victory Thursday anyway. The Spuds won the Minnesota State High School League Nickname Challenge, beating 63 other mascots across the state. That’s that winning tater. The contest was conjured up as kind of a way to still…

Social Distancing: Pandemic Stressing Out Pets

Plus, Voice Your Opinion On The New SpudMobile

  This pandemic isn’t just stressful for all of us. Our animal friends are dealing with the struggle just like us, only they have no idea what’s going on. Hopefully this morning, one animal who’s been stressed out by the pandemic can start getting some rest and relaxation. Our friends at C.A.A.R.E. bird rescue in West Fargo shared this photo…

Social Distancing: Running Through Adversity

Plus, Social Distancing From Llama Spit

  Do you ever get the feeling like fate is conspiring against you? I know it can feel that way for me with all the different ways the pandemic can negatively impact our lives. One big instance of that for me was the Fargo Marathon. I signed up for this year’s half-marathon last December. I’ve never run 13.1 miles before….

Social Distancing: That Perfect Pour

Plus, Social Distancing Guests You Did And Didn't Invite

  On Thursday we asked you to share how you’re making your homes more comfortable as you spend more time there social distancing. And Sue in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota over in Otter Tail County has a novel concept… invite some guests over for a snack, even though we’re supposed to be social distancing. She offered a meal to a brave…

Social Distancing: Creature Comforts

How Life At Home Subtly Changes When You're There All The Time

  If we’re supposed to stay at home a lot more and social distance, might as well make home more comfortable. It’s interesting to see the habits I’m picking up now that I’m more of a homebody. But creature comforts mean more when us creatures are stuck close to home. For the first time in my life, I’m becoming a…

Social Distancing: Staycation

Enjoy Time Relaxing At Home

  So we’ve been talking about how to avoid crowds and go on vacation during the age of social distancing. Thankfully it’s prime outdoors season. I went camping last weekend, and it was pretty easy to socially distance during the trip. But Sue on Facebook might have me beat. She sends in this video of her social distancing idea: camping…

Social Distancing: Vacation Time

Plus, the show goes on when a theater group performs shows for the public from a balcony

  I just got back from a mini vacation. My original plan were blown up by the pandemic, so I tried to come up with a socially distanced vacation. So my girlfriend and I went camping in Northern Minnesota. It checked off all the social distancing boxes. Outdoors! Lots of space! Thunderstorms! Mother Nature sure didn’t make it easy on…

Social Distancing: That Perfect Pour

While Taprooms Stay Closed Or Have Limited Capacity, How Do You Get That Perfect Pour At Home?

  I’m getting away for a couple days and heading out of town. It’s time to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and possibly have a beer or two. I’ve been supporting local breweries during the pandemic. They all had to close their taprooms at some point, and some remain closed. But you can always grab some offsale. Which leads me to…

Social Distancing: Setting Up Camp

Leisure time takes a lot more thought than it used to during the pandemic

  Leisure time takes a lot more thought than it used to during the pandemic. I’ve been trying to plan a socially distanced vacation, and I settled on camping. Over the weekend I tested out my new tent to make sure there aren’t any surprises when we get to our campsite. It’s kind of amazing they fit everything for the…