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Social Distancing: Metro Cemetery Tour

A Spooky, Distanced Idea for Halloween

Halloween is just over a week away. And if you want to do something on the spooky side while socially distancing at least six feet. Well…they bury the dead six feet under ground. The Day of the Dead comes right after Halloween, and I put together a little list of some of the Metro’s most famous deceased residents for a…

Social Distancing: Having Fun In Spite Of The Snow

Plus, some ways to still get into the Halloween spirit

  It’s cold and snowy out. As much as you might not want it to be that time of year, it is. But you can still get out and enjoy some fresh air if you don’t mind the snow. I went out on a run Tuesday afternoon. It was actually really nice. Just gotta make sure you bundle up. Plus,…

Social Distancing: Holiday Movies Are Already Here

Hallmark Is Getting Weird This Year

  We’re still a dozen days out from Halloween, but some people are looking way past that to mistletoe and candy canes. And if we can’t enjoy the festive holiday spirit with each other as much this year, you could make up for it with near-lethal amounts of Christmas movies. The Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas starts this week. They’re…

Social Distancing: Makeup Of Horror

A Teen Shows Us You Can Learn Impressive Makeup Skills In Time For Halloween

  We’re getting to spooky season. And you can put the fright in someone while still social distancing. All you need is a little practice.                   Take a look at this blood and gore. This is Amber Sander. She owns Boots and Heels in Fargo in Devils Lake. And no, she didn’t…

Social Distancing: Geocaching Hunt Through MN State Parks

You Can Hunt For Geocaching Spots At Every MN State Park

  I know it’s getting colder, but just put on a coat for this social distancing idea. I checked out Buffalo River State Park over the weekend. The fall colors are a bit past peak, but still beautiful. All of the trails are lined with leaves. But aside from the natural beauty, I stumbled upon a¬†mysterious box. I had to…

Social Distancing: From Broadway To Billboard, Moorhead Native Makes Splash With New Album

It's really good! Even if it's not your style, you can give it a shot

  Now is a good time to explore some new music. You can’t just binge watch TV all the time. We already told you about a musician originally from Moorhead who is making some waves. Now, her first full album is out for your listening enjoyment. This is the title track from Softee’s album, “Keep On”. Rolling Stone already gave…

Social Distancing: Fork In The River

Explore One Of The Few Places You Can See The Red River Branch Out

  Let’s check the old Fall Color Finder¬†from the Minnesota DNR as we’re planning those fall day trips. It’s not looking good, folks. Our immediate area is past peak color. That includes Buffalo River and Mapleton State Parks. Itasca is still at peak color, as is Glendalough down in Otter Tail County. Even past peak, the colors can be beautiful….

Social Distancing: Finding News Ways To Relax

Hammocks aren't that expensive, guys

  I hope you voted in the most important election this fall, that includes fat grizzly bears. The polls are closed after a week-long competition pitting 12 burly bears in a fight to see who got the fattest gorging on salmon this summer in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. And out winner is coming in for a landing right now…with more…

Social Distancing: Fat Bear Week Finals

Plus, More Gems Hidden In Popular Places

  Monday morning I shared some video from my go at a socially distanced trip to Maplewood State Park. This morning, a viewer is showing us some beautiful things down at Maplewood that I missed. Nate Larson sent in some pics. He went on Saturday afternoon. He agreed that it was busy there, but he avoided the popular spots and…

Social Distancing: Avoid The Fall Colors Crowd

See the fall colors without running into too many people

Let’s take a look at the old Fall Color Finder from the Minnesota DNR. Most of the northern part of the state is still in peak color. That’s the bright red area. But more and more places are creeping into the post-peak territory. That’s the darker red areas. You’re running out of time to get out before the trees lose…