Social Distancing: 3-Year-Old Quarantine Artist

A 3-Year-Old's Painting During The Pandemic Hangs In Minnesota Restaurant

A lot of us picked up new hobbies during the height of the pandemic. I tried cooking more. I got into puzzles for a while. Over the weekend I stumbled upon a fantastic way one person made use of their quarantine.
Spankys Wide
Check out this painting. It’s hanging on the wall at Spanky’s Stone Hearth restaurant, a fancy restaurant next to a lake in Otter Tail County. This doesn’t look out of place hanging on the wall of a nice restaurant. Maybe a local artist with years of experience painted it? But I checked out the description on the side.
Spankys Closeup
And look at that! It was painted by a three-year-old! Danny Hoots spent 8 months working on this painting last year. It’s called “A Fish!”. The description says it took more than 50 painting sessions to complete. This kid has got talent and patience. I can see a future for him as an artist.

I hope he’s proud of what he did. I’m glad the restaurant is displaying it, and that they gave me permission to show it.

Do you have any momentos from your time in quarantine during COVID?
I framed a bear puzzle I spent like a month putting together.
Let me see how you grew and developed new skills in the last year or so.
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