Social Distancing: NW Angle Still Stranded By The Pandemic

Lake of the Woods Tourism Testifies About Issues To U.S. Senate


Most of the U.S. is open again as COVID numbers keep dropping. But there are still areas that are suffering financially under COVID restrictions. One of those areas is right here in our region, and now their plight is getting the spotlight on Capitol Hill.

Lake of the Woods Tourism Executive Director Joe Henry testified this week in front of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation’s Tourism, Trade and Export Promotion Subcommittee.
The hearing was called “The State of Outdoor Tourism, Recreation and Ecotourism”.
Henry shared how Minnesota is faring for outdoor recreation. He said in Lake of the Woods, a popular fishing destination, resorts on the southern shore are doing very well.

But he says the Northwest Angle continues to suffer. The region is only accessible on road by driving through Canada.
But with the border closed to non-essential traffic, they’ve been cut off from their customers for 15 months.
Lake of the Woods Tourism has been lobbying for Canada to reopen the road to the Angle, and for forgivable small business loans for Angle resorts.
Henry also says a shortage of labor, short-term housing, daycare and broadband internet are making it harder for resorts now that Minnesota has reopened.

Even though things are open again we’re still a ways away from back to normal in some parts of Minnesota.
Are you planning any trips to resorts? How about the Northwest Angle? I know I’m really interested in heading up there once Canada reopens the border.
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