Social Distancing: Gone Fishin’

A Novice Angler's 1st Time Fishing In Minnesota


It’s fishing season. I spent last week out at the lakes in Otter Tail County, so I thought I’d give angling a try. I hadn’t gone fishing in well over a decade. I never had been fishing in Minnesota, one of the best fishing states in the country. I know, I know. I’ve lived here for years and I’ve never gone fishing.
Now, you always want your first time to be special. So I asked on social media if it was a good idea to get a guide to take me out since I’m a novice.

You guys said splurge for the guide, so I did. It was a great introduction to fishing in Minnesota. I learned how to use a spinner reel. I learned how to jig. I caught a handful of pike and a largemouth bass.
I got to feel the wind on my face zipping out to the middle of the lake. That was cool.
So thanks for encouraging me to go for the gusto for my first time fishing in Minnesota.

I want to keep it up, but I have no gear. Please tell me which rod and reel I should look at. I need tips on lures, bait, places to go, everything. Gimme your fishing tips! Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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