ND Woman Creates Facebook Group For Solidarity Against The Coronavirus

The Page Has Over 200 Thousand Members And Continues To Grow

FARGO N.D. — People across the valley are sharing their solidarity across social media against the coronavirus.

The Facebook group #a world of hearts has over 200 thousand followers and continues to grow.

The creator of the page says she never thought it would get this big.

“I just think it’s a really great way for people to stay connected, and to kind of send out that signal if you will that I’m ok I’m here,” Page Creator of #aworldofhearts Mandy Gill said.

The page has people working to approve posts and to help create a community of support for those who worry about the virus.

“Humans have faced tough situations for hundreds of years and they have come through. We just need to wait and be patient and get through it,” Gill said.

She says that anyone can get involved.

“You know it’s like you said people every age, every background anybody can do it really,” Gill said.

That inspiration is popping up all across the valley as business and homes put up signs and symbols of hope.

“We are all in this together. I think it humanizes us all because we are all in it together there is nobody that can escape it,” ¬†Boots & Heels Owner Amber Sander said.

Sander decided to jump put up hearts in the window of her storefront to as a sign of hope for things to get better.
She says it’s important for people to take the virus seriously as she has a son who has asthma.

“I like to say you should always listen to people who know more than you, so as I’m listening to the press conferences and hearing doctors stay inside to wash your hands, I’m a person who really wants to listen to that,” Sander said.


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