Sanford Testing Drug On Patients With Covid-19

Dr.Nagpal Says It's Important For People To Not Take Medication That Is Not Prescribed To Them.

FARGO, N.D. — Hydroxychloroquine is a drug that’s used to help treat lupus, malaria and autoimmune disease, now Sanford is testing if this drug could be the answer for COVID 19.

“When the virus is new you just try the best you can do with whatever is available to you and you can see what the risk of treatment is and what the expected benefit is,” Infectious Disease Physician Dr.Avish Nagpal.

The staff is testing patents to see if they are showing any positive or negative changes in their condition.

Sanford won’t say how many people are being tested due to patient privacy protection.

The drug is given in a pill form.

The first tests happened since the first patient hit the door.

“How quickly the virus can spread from one person to another so any little bit of help is what we are looking for from these medications and therefore we are trying them on patients,” Dr.Nagpal said.

He says the testing is constantly being observed and monitored to see what any possible results may come both in the short and long term of the drug.

“The outcome we are looking for is obviously survival that’s the most common one but there are other outcomes we look at too,” Dr.Nagpal said.

Those other outcomes include duration of hospitalization and limiting the spread of the virus.
Because of a shortage in testing kits they are not able to test the patients on a daily basis.

“Who needs the test or who doesn’t need the test. I would like to expand the testing capacity, I would like to decrease the turnaround time so people can get their results in a few minutes in maybe an hour,” Dr.Nagpal said.

Dr.Nagpal says Sanford is making sure their main priority is to put no one in harm’s way when testing out any type of medication for their patients.

“Cling on to every possible way to try medication and when you are desperate you will try anything but that always may not turn out that we may do for you,” Dr.Nagpal said.

Dr.Nagpal says it’s important for people to not take medication that is not prescribed to them.

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