Social Distancing: #DogSquatChallenge

UND Police Are Challenging You To Pump Iron With Your Pooch


We are on the cusp of another weekend. Hopefully that brings a little sense of relief. It’s nice to have something to look forward to when the news gets worse every day about COVID-19.

Speaking of looking forward to things, I’m gonna talk about something I was looking forward to for more than a year, the finale of the new Star Trek show, Star Trek: Picard.
CBS All Access released the whole show this week for free. The finale of the first season dropped yesterday and it was…good.

I liked it.

It did feel a bit rushed and I wish we got to know more about quite a few characters. But if you love Star Trek: The Next Generation, the last 10 minutes are golden! Give it a shot if you have some free time, which, you know, a lot of us do now.

Now that we’ve reached the point of social distancing where I’m giving TV reviews, let’s move on.

If your weekend plans include a social distance workout, you can make sure your dog doesn’t feel left out.

The UND Police Department launched the “Dog squat challenge” on Twitter. Officer Solis showed us how it’s done, and people are busting out their dogs to give them a ride while they blast those quads.

If you film yourself squatting with your dog and tag UND Police on Twitter, you could win a Deek’s Pizza gift card, which is a great way to undo all the progress you made from that workout.

Keep letting us know how you’re practicing social distancing! Message or comment on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll share what you guys are doing and I’ll keep sharing how I’m adapting. Let’s have a little fun while we’re doing it.

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