Frontline Project supports workers fighting COVID-19

The project encourages healthcare professionals, law enforcement, scientists and researchers to share their experiences on the frontline

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo-based photographers, Carissa Wirtz and Brittany Walsh, had noticed many people were having trouble understanding the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic simply because it had yet to touch them directly.

The friends decided the best way for others to grasp the true severity of COVID-19 was to share the experiences of those who it has affected daily.

“I really just wanted to focus on the healthcare workers and people on the front lines and how they matter and what they are going through and just get their stories out there so people can kind of put a face to what is going on,” says Wirtz.

Wirtz and Walsh started the Frontline Project to highlight these individuals and the brave work they are doing to keep others safe.

They have a created a space where healthcare professionals, first responders, law enforcement, scientists and researchers are encouraged to send in work selfies and a brief message of their experience fighting the virus.

“We¬† took it upon ourselves to find people who are going to be impacted by this first, which is the healthcare workers,” says Wirtz. “I just wanted people to see that there is a face to this. It is not just something invisible.”

They also wanted to share where the workers are from so people can see this is impacting others who live in the same place as them.

“We have been sharing locations of people too so that people can look and see that this person is local to me, this isn’t somebody that is 5,000 miles away that I don’t really know. This is somebody that is in my community,” reveals Wirtz.

Wirtz and Walsh hope to get those at home to understand how heavy this is weighing on those essential workers tackling the issue head on and to hopefully encourage others to do even the littlest thing to help them.

“I am hoping it just kind of groups everybody together so people are not alone in this and also just be able to have a little bit of a voice for their message and the importance of what we can do to help them,” says Wirtz.

To submit a photo or story to the Frontline Project, head to their Facebook or email them at

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