Senior Tribute: NDSU Baseball’s Bennett Hostetler

The senior shortstop reflects on his NDSU Career

FARGO, N.D — North Dakota State Baseball was just about to open up Summit League play on the road at Omaha before the news of cancellation of the remainder of spring sports came down due to COVID-19.

The Bison had eight seniors who saw their collegiate careers come to a possible end including shortstop Bennett Hostetler.

“We got a text from coach Brown that we had a meeting that our trip had been cancelled then we’ll just play it by ear until further notice,” Hostetler said. “A couple days later as things progressed Matt Larsen, the athletic director, and Todd Phelps and a lot of the administration wanted to have a meeting with the team. We all went up into the SHAC and they broke the news that this sucks but its just how it has to be.”

Hostetler has the option to come back and finish what he started with the NCAA granting a fifth year of eligibility with no roster cap in baseball, however, if the decision is to move on, its the memories created with other members of the senior class he’ll remember most.

“The seven of us that came in that was my freshman class. I think just the relationships that we formed,” Hostetler said. “We’ve become very close over these four years. Just getting to play baseball with them everyday. A sport we all love.”

Looking back on his career, Hostetler says its the coaching staff giving him the chance to come to NDSU that he’s most thankful for.

“Him (coach Brown) and coach Oakes gave me a chance to play division one baseball and that’s just something I’ve always wanted to do,” Hostetler said. “Because of them I’ve had all these opportunities to have new experiences. Coach Brown has really give me a lot baseball wise, as a person, as a player.”

When the virus passes. Hostetler says he looks forward to getting back on the diamond and playing the game he loves.

“More than anything it’ll just be a stress reliever. For me, baseball is a game. A relaxing game,” Hostetler said. “I just love being out there and I love being able to play so the sooner I’m able to get out on the field, that everyone is able to get out on the field, I think it’ll be a big relief.”

Hostetler played 164 games for the Bison racking up 150 hits, 11 home runs and 81 RBI’s. He also got it done in the field, having no more than seven errors at short over the past two seasons.

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