Fargo violinist performs for senior living home amid pandemic

Kelsey Joy Buell says music has the ability to bring people together even when they're physically apart

FARGO, N.D. — For as long as she can remember, music has been a part of Kelsey Joy Buell’s life.

“As I was playing the last song there, I was thinking about that, and how weird it is to think back through all of the events that have happened in my life that have led me to here,” she says.

Although the sidewalk at Touchmark senior living facility is a different stage than the ones she’s used to playing on, the mission behind Buell’s music remains the same as it’s always been.

“Music really helps us bond and helps us connect at a time where we don’t know how else to connect with each other. I mean, we are literally stuck inside of our homes.”

Not being able to physically gather amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Buell’s audience listened from their windows and front porches.

“We need something like music and joy,” says June Hayer. “And especially it touched my heart.”

As Buell’s melodies connected her listeners with one another, they also connected her with a familiar face she wasn’t expecting to see.

“My grandma is named June, and her best friend June actually lives here,” says Buell.

“It was bringing tears to my eyes, and then I called her grandma, and we talked and she could hear Kelsey play, too,” says Hayer. “So, that was a joy to June, too. I mean the other June.”

In an era of social distancing, a violinist and her love of music managed to bring two life-long best friends together while living hundreds of miles apart.

“There are a number of things out there that really everyone can relate to and music is one of those things that really brings people together,” says Buell.

In the midst of a pandemic, she says music is a universal language.

You can request a performance and connect with Buell through her Facebook page: Kelsey Joy.

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