Fargo’s Rocking Horse Farm offers social distancing scavenger hunt

FARGO, N.D. – Rocking Horse Farm in Fargo is providing an entertaining experience through the COVID crisis.

The housing development has a picture scavenger hunt going on that people can do from the safety of their vehicles.

They take pictures of the real world items on the list found on Facebook and the Rocking Horse Farm website.

Everyone is invited to see if they can complete the scavenger hunt with family and friends, helping each other solve a puzzle at a distance.

“We’re trying to put a positive light on, yes we are stuck at home right now but this is a fun activity that we can do together in a way even while social distancing. We were thinking of something positive that we could put into the community and this is what we came up with,” Rocking Horse Farm Marketing Manager Shaniah Kaiser said.

Prizes for completing the scavenger hunt include advanced coloring books, a local restaurant gift card, and a Rocking Horse Farm Puzzle.

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