The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Have Many People Celebrating Easter From Home

Religious Leaders in the F-M Are are trying to adjust to the new normal.

FARGO, N.D. – The Fargo Diocese will provide its Easter weekend services online.

“These are going to be live streamed. There will be no congregation present. So, that’s probably the biggest difference is, we won’t have anybody in sanctuary except for the presider and those involved in the mass. And the congregation needs to take part at home. That’s just very different, especially this time of year for our Catholic faith,” says Paul Braun, the Director of Communications of  Diocese of Fargo

Even though they’re still adjusting to this new normal, the diocese says their main priority is to protect those that come to worship.

“In the situation that we have, we need to protect the faithful, with their health and well-being, and the best way to do that is to follow guidelines and social distancing and that’s why our mass is no longer open to the public until this whole situation is finally over,” he says.

The Faith United Methodist Church in Fargo will be doing it’s first drive-in service.

“We’ve purchased an F-M transmitter, so that we can transmit the worship service to people who will be sitting outside of their cars. We’re calling it a drive in church day,” says the faith United Methodist of Fargo Pastor Ray Baker.

The Moorhead-Fargo Islamic Center has cancelled prayers and Ramadan, one of the holiest days in Islam, will be no exception.

The Jewish Center Temple Beth El has also cancelled services during Passover, which started Wednesday, and says families will have to celebrate at home.

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