Realtors Use Technology To Connect With Clients Amid COVID-19

Technology has played a key role in helping realtors keep business going.

FARGO, N.D.- Aspire Realty in Fargo is used to showing 15 to 25 houses a week and selling about 11 houses a month.

“Through the month of March, business was really good, but coming into April and now as we’re seeing a massive increase in the numbers of positive cases, we’re starting to slow down tremendously,” says Katherine Kiernan, the owner of Aspire Realty.

But, the agency says the show must go on- at least virtually.

“So, we can do everything electronically. We can start having a conversation, like you and I are right now and it’s just really accessing a buyer and seller needs, wants, desirability of that nature, and then I’ll put a search set up for them, and send them a bunch of different properties and we’ll continue to have facetime and zoom calls with one another. I can also do that with sellers who are trying to sell their home, they can walk me virtually through that too,” she says.

Their goal is to bring the most authentic experience to their clients.

“If you go to one of our listing links, you literally bring this up and it’s walking through it, almost like virtual reality, through all of the different properties, up and downstairs, things like that.We also do a lot of facetime showings as well, So, I’ll go to the house, call my clients through facetime and walk through the entire property that way,” she adds.

But even with the use of technology, Kiernan says there are some things that not even technology can replace.

“When people are looking for their home, how are we going to know what it feels like in that space, and that’s something you just can’t create in digital space,” Kiernan says.

Many real estate agencies in the area are also doing virtual open houses and live showings where people can log in, ask questions and get a tour experience.

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