Church Offers Easter Egg Drive-Thru For Families

Lane Says It's Important For The Church To Bring Some Easter Cheer For Families In The Community.

BARNESVILLE, Minn. — Out in the parking lot of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Barnesville, church members are wearing masks and handing out bags.

“Normally when we spread them out they are gone in 5 minutes but this is a little different,” Leader Of Evangelism Board Kay Lane said.

Inside the 150 paper bags rustling together in the wind are treats and eggs for kids that would normally be hunting for them out in the yard around the church.

“Definitely we want people to know that Easter is a special time and the eggs represent a new beginning,” Lane said.

Lane says they have been going through changes in how they would normally operate during Good Friday and Easter Weekend as service is no longer in the church.

The church is now shifting its focus to online recorded prayer services and on Easter Sunday, they will be ringing the church bell.

She says it’s important for the church to bring some Easter cheer for families in the community.

“It’s just fun to see the kids’ faces light up. It’s much more fun egg hunt in the excitement in them running around and everything but this is a good second best,” Lane said.

She says the church helps bring comfort for the community, and during difficult times with the coronavirus it’s important for people to remember that things will eventually go back to normal.

‘Well they will get better, and we just have to know that Jesus is always with us… and we will be okay,” Lane said.

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