Fargo United Methodist Church Runs Sunday Easter Service Out Of Parking Lot

All Of These Things Make Good Friday Seem More Real Than Ever Before

FARGO, N.D. — The sounds of vehicles running overtake the Sunday silence in the parking lot of Faith United Methodist Church in Fargo as the congregation is switching from their seats in the pews to the ones in their car.

“Keep us patient in making peace and building justice teach us to trust the slow process from seed to stem to flower and from flower to fruit,” Pastor Ray Baker said.

As the Sunday church crowd practices social distancing to avoid the dangers of the coronavirus that continues to claim more lives around the country.

“All of these things make Good Friday seem more real than ever before.”

Even though the typical experience of church is not available there are still people who have a strong commitment to their faith. People are watching us online every Sunday,” Baker said.

Pastor Baker says the staff worked around the clock getting the microphone and instruments set up outside the church and into the box providing both an online and physical presence for people practicing their faith.

The church bought a FM transmitter that let them broadcast their sound to parking lot and parts of the surrounding neighborhood while live streaming the service online.

Baker says it’s been a lot of work helping answer questions members of the church have during this pandemic.

“What does it mean to be the church you know there is that delicate balance of wanting to reach out and help people but doing it in a way that maintains their safety so people don’t bring the virus back home again,” Baker said.


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