Social Distancing: Spreading Easter Joy From A Safe Distance

A Way To Connect With Loved Ones While Keeping A Safe Distance


I hope you had a nice weekend. There are a lot of holidays around right now: Easter. Passover. Ramadan. Hopefully the holidays give you a nice distraction from everything that’s going on right now.
I know it was for me.
Over the weekend we went and dropped bags of Easter gifts off on doorsteps. We got to say hi to a few loved ones from a safe distance, and I got to see a friend I haven’t seen in nearly a month.

I was able to say hi to my Big Brothers Big Sisters Little, Garrin. I couldn’t get close enough to give him a hug, but I dropped a bag of gifts at his door and ran back by my car so we could talk for a little.
Even though he was more interested in the presents, like any kid would be, I honestly didn’t realize how special it would feel getting to see him even though it was only a couple minutes. We’re in a new social distancing normal right now, and sometimes for me it feels like the entire world is at arm’s length. So I was glad to have the reminder that the people close to me are still there.
I hope you guys are taking time to reach out to people during these springtime holidays.

I asked what you guys are doing over Easter.
Debora is watching out for loved ones. She tells us, “I’ve been making masks for my husband and myself. I have lots of scraps of fabric.”
That’s awesome, Deborah. My mom has been doing the same thing.

How are you celebrating the holidays during this unprecedented time? We would love to see your creativity! Send us a photo or a video! Message or comment on Facebook or on Twitter.

Let’s all help keep spirits bright during this time.


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