Essentia Health offers in-home testing, Mayor Mahoney pleased with social distancing improving

Mayor Mahoney discussed one of the main issues he sees in the city.

FARGO, N.D.- Essential Health started offering in-home testing for the coronavirus on Friday.

“While this is an important milestone, the testing materials are still in limited supply, so we’re utilizing these guidelines to meet the needs of our most ill and high-risk patients,” says Chief Medical Officer at Essentia Health, Dr. Richard Vetter.

The amount of time to get results from the in-home tests is around 45 minutes for those with underlying health conditions. For everyone else, it might take a couple of days.

“We’re still using the North Dakota Department of Health lab that has a turn around of 24 to 48 hours and on the Minnesota side, we’re using the Mayo reference lab, with a turn around time of 48 hours to 72 hours,” he says.

Sanford is also leading a clinical trial to better understand Hydroxychloroquine’s role in treating and potentially preventing COID-19.

“The control study will enroll 2,000 people exposed to COVID-19 including frontline healthcare workers and other high risk patients in our region,” says Dr. Doug Griffin , the VP and Medical Officer at Sanford Fargo.

The city of West Fargo is extending its closure and work from home directive to May 1st.

“Essential services will remain in operation, emergency services sanitation, sewer, water, maintenance, as well as utility billing is all ongoing,” West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis says.

Mayor Mahoney also discussed one of the main issues he sees in the city.

“The last time we had a briefing it was reported that 55% of the cases we had were under the age of 40. I’m happy to say that people seem to be paying attention, because now 45% of our people that are catching COVID virus are under 40,” says Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney.

Mayor Mahoney added that if only 20% of the population practices social distancing, cases will continue to spike, but if at least 60% of the population does it, the line will stay flat.

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