Social Distancing: Staying Safe In The Great Outdoors

Open Spaces Already Getting Crowded In Parts Of Our Region


Temperatures are looking up, and it’s pretty tempting to break out of the home and go for a walk or a run hike.
Going on a run is one of the best things for me for clearing my head and de-stressing. And we live in a stressful time.

There are plenty of parks and open spaces you can go to enjoy the great outdoors. But as spring firmly plants itself in our region, we’ll need to pay extra attention and be safe when we go out.

Because in other parts of our region, there are already problems from overcrowded open spaces.

Just remember to give everyone at least six feet of space if you do enjoy the spring weather coming up soon. If I see you out there, I’ll wave from a safe distance.
If you and your family are getting some fresh air in a safe way, show us! Let us know if you’re doing something fun. Maybe a picnic. Maybe you got a tandem bike for five people.

Show off on Facebook or Twitter and we might put you on the show.

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