Downtown Fargo Pizza Shop Selling Face Masks For Good Cause

Blackbird Woodfire Is Selling Masks For 5 bucks each to benefit the Great Plains Food Bank

FARGO, N.D. — The flames are still burning at Blackbird Woodfire in downtown Fargo, as the store changes gears with the shift in business from COVID-19.

“It’s been an adjustment we are learning everyday but it’s going well, people are really receptive to our kits and frozen pizza,” Server at Blackbird Woodfire Zoe Absey said.

Besides offering new ways for people to enjoy their food at home, the restaurant is now selling masks for 5 bucks each.

The money being raised from mask sales is going back into the community through the Great Plains Food Bank kids backpack food program.

The program helps hungry kids who are not at school get the proper nutrition they need.

“People are coming in with just the 5 dollar bill and say, “Hey I heard you are selling masks I want to contribute.” But we also don’t necessarily want the masks but they want to donate to the program so it’s so awesome people are buying masks but also donate to the cause,” Absey said.

The staff at the restaurant is following safety guidelines as employees are wearing masks and gloves, and even have a sanitation station for people walking in.

Absey says with the coronavirus affecting business in the valley, people need to stick together and support local businesses.

“If you want to keep these different and unique places downtown they have to support them in the hard times. We love our community and we are seeing that support every day so we are really thankful and we wanted to continue to keep going so we can so we can have our doors open so we are safe and healthy,” Absey said.

Link To Order Food From BlackBird Woodfire

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