Golfers Excited To Be Back At The Links

Nothing is going to keep golfers off of the green. Not even the snow or chilly temperatures.

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Nothing is going to keep golfers off of the green.

Not even the snow or chilly temperatures.

“We’re definitely gonna stay out and finish the course. We came out here to play 18, we’re gonna play 18 today,” said Tyler Millar, a golfer out for the opening day.

Certainly not the global pandemic.

“It’s easy to keep your distance out here. It’s nice to get some golf opened up and allow people to get outside and stay active,” said Millar.

The courses were full after Governor Walz issued an executive order last week opening golf courses, and the links in Minnesota were quick to get prepared for golf under the new social distancing guidelines.

Those guidelines would limit club house entry to one person at a time, suspend food and beverage services, and restrict the use of golf carts.

One man said that while he usually rides the cart when he comes to play, walking the course was good for him after all the time spent in doors.

For one golfer, this is the only sport he recommends during this new era of social distancing.

“Golf is a game for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young,” said Millar, “It’s good to get out and enjoy the weather a little bit. Social distancing is pretty easy out here. There’s a lot of room to stay away from people.”

For many of the golfers, the new rules aren’t a burden, just another norm in a long list of changes we all are getting adjusted to, but it won’t stop them from having fun, and getting out of the house after being stuck inside for so long.

Fargo’s El Zagel and Rose Creek golf courses will open tomorrow, and the Osgood Golf Course will open Friday.

You can find a full list of public course openings for Fargo at this link.

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