Family Of Murdered Moorhead Teen Speaks Out Against Suspects

"I will never ever forgive them for what they did to my daughter. They took her life way too soon," Dystynee's Mother Doreen said. 


MOORHEAD,Minn. — “It’s just mind blowing… it’s just like why? Why would you do that to her,” Dystynee’s Mother Doreen said.

Avery’s family is still reeling with the idea the people who may have murdered her daughter were some of the closest people in her life in the F-M area.

“I have felt every emotion, I’m not able to sleep right now, I’m not able to sleep right now it’s very hard on me,” Dystynee’s Sister Valarie Parker said.

Dystynee’s sister Valarie says both 27-year-old Ethan Broad, who facing second degree murder charges, and 26-year-old Andrea Payne who faces accessory to murder charges were both good friends of her sister.

Police also arrested 22-year-old David Erno on accessory to murder charges.

Dystynee’s mother Doreen says the two of them had lied to her claiming her daughter had gone missing and that if she had heard anything from her.

“Don’t call me like you care about my daughter and that you were there for my daughter when you weren’t. Excuse my language but you didn’t give two s**** about her,” Doreen said.

According to court documents, Broad told investigators he killed Avery in self-defense, dismembered her body with a saw, and put the trash bags in a dumpster at his apartment complex in Moorhead.

Avery says her daughter was a kind hearted trustworthy person.

She says she will be doing everything in her power to make sure that everyone responsible for her daughter’s murder get the justice she says they deserve.

“I personally wish that you guys had the death penalty because if you guys did that’s what I would want for him but that’s giving him the easy way out,” Doreen said.

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