City Commission candidates discuss ideas to make Fargo better

FARGO, N.D. – The Great Candidate Debate gives those running in the 2020 Fargo City Commission race a chance to have their ideas for improving the city heard.

To abide by physical distancing guidelines, the public was invited to stream the debate online rather than attend in person.

The June election will be a vote-by-mail-only event due to the pandemic.

There are six candidates running, including John Strand and Tony Grindberg, who are seeking re-election.

Big topics of discussion include infrastructure growth, affordable housing options, providing a living wage and property tax relief.

“It is so expensive to live in Fargo right now. I tell people that, who do not live in Fargo, what I pay in property taxes about they about fall off their chair, they can’t believe it. And I know people that live on the other side of the river simply because it’s too expensive to live here,” Fargo City Commission Candidate Edward Krystosek said.

This will be the first city election to use approval voting, a new system approved by voters in 2018. It allows voters to cast their ballot for all candidates they support.

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