Couple makes comfier masks using 3D printer, donate them to Sanford Health

FARGO, N.D. – A husband and wife team are doing what they can for healthcare workers with the help of Microsoft.

Ryan Borstelmann of Microsoft decided to improve mask comfort after hearing complaints from his wife who works at Roger Maris Cancer Center. Using a 3D printer and some open source designs, he went to work producing mask straps that alleviate pressure on the ears caused by the elastic.

After helping his wife and her coworkers, the couple networked with friends and family for more 3D printers and plastic so that they could assist the larger community

On Monday they donated a few thousand straps to Sanford Health.

“We did a test print of about 50 of them, sent them to Roger Maris, The feedback was amazing. Everyone was instantaneously like ‘Yup we need more, we need more.’ and we started to decide what can we do at scale. I think this specific design was done by an engineering student, It was posted to Reddit of all places,” Borstelmann said.

The couple’s next goal is to produce and donate 3D printed face shield parts.

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