National Guard hosts simulation of boot camp training at Moorhead Armory

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Some National Guardsmen holding an open simulation activity starting at the Moorhead Armory.

With many places closed and good weather outside Sgt. Ryan Barnes came up with an idea to have fun with the public as well as train some recruits. They are simulating a portion of the training experience that soldiers entering boot camp receive. The march involves loading weighted rucksacks with roughly 10 to 30 pounds for a three mile march in the area.

They hope the trek serves as light training for recruits while giving the public a taste of what every soldier has to go through for training.

“Just sort of thinking outside of the box, wanted to do something fun for our current soldiers in the National Guard and to help bring in some that our interested in joining, that the weather being nice. Wanted to get out and be active so what we are going to do is just a regular tactical road march,” Sgt. Barnes said.

The guardsmen leading this event say they are excited to stay active even during this social distancing period.

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