The New Life Center in Fargo Confirms Its First Positive COVID-19 Case

The individual from the New Life Center who tested positive is hospitalized at Sanford in Fargo and in good condition.

FARGO-MOORHEAD – Homeless shelters in the area are faced with new challenges as COVID-19 cases begin to show up.

“The individual who tested positive has stayed with us for a short period of time. I think it was the 18th through the 22nd. Somewhere in that time frame. And he was not symptomatic with us,” says Rob Swiers, the Executive Director at The New Life Center.

Micah’s Mission in Moorhead saw their first two cases last week.

“One of those individuals is hospitalized and in very grave condition and the other is isolated in an off site-location,” says Sue Koestermann, Pastor, Churches United For Homeless.

Both organizations worked with their respective health departments to ensure the safety of all staff and residents.

“Public Health said: This is something we want to address and they reached out and said we’re going to do a testing event and our job is to comply,” says Swiers.

“We have since quarantined four other people who had been in contact,” says Koestermann.

They are making sure to take extra precautions in already difficult circumstances.

“Not essential staff working remotely. Everyone in the building is getting their temperatures taken twice a day. We set up a separate dormitory space for individuals who may be in that compromised category. Because of age or non- Covid-19 related reasons,” says Swiers.

“Initially we had to limit the amount of volunteers that we allowed in any of the building. By the 24 of March, we had to completely eliminate all volunteers into the building,” says Koestermann.

The testing event at the New Life Center will be taking place on Friday .

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