Local Business Owner Reacts To New MN COVID-19 Fishing Regulations

Governor Tim Walz says he does not want people from out of state coming in for the opener.

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — The fishing opener starts on Saturday but before you think about picking up a rod and heading out on the boat the DNR has new rules.

The department recommends people to follow the stay-at-home order by limiting travel to a fishing spot.

They also recommended you only go with those you live with and maintain social distancing.

The DNR says the restrictions are meant to protect smaller communities that overflow with people during the season opener.

“We are not going to be issuing citations, we are just recommending that people think of their fellow Minnesotans and other people who could be vulnerable to the coronavirus and things like that,” Conservation Officer, MN DNR Enforcement Steve Chihak said.

The Co-Owner of Quality Bait and Tackle in Detroit Lakes says even with the new guidelines in place they are still getting good business for their bait.

“I think there is going to be a lot of people going fishing this year. It’s going to be a little colder but not too cold so you just gotta bring a jacket. A lot of people are just tired of sitting at home and watching tv,” Co-Owner of Quality Bait and Tackle Michael Onstad said.

He says the store will be installing x marks on the flooring for social distancing and making sure people are not too crowded together on the sales floor.

“It’s been a 72/25 split on people wearing masks or not some people even wear gloves which definitely isn’t a bad idea.”

Governor Tim Walz says he does not want people from out of state coming in for the opener.

“This is not about defying an order that I put out, this is about defying public health warnings this is about defying the science of how this stuff spreads,” Onstead said.

The DNR is also recommending people stock up on bait before they head out on Saturday, Onstead says when people need to make those purchases it’s always best to shop local.

“It’s a lot better to go out there and see for yourself and with everything that’s going on there are a lot of businesses that are struggling so it’s good to go out there and support what’s local.”

LINK TO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fishing/index.html

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