Celebrating Moms With KVRR

We Celebrate Local Moms Heading Into Mother's Day


We’re celebrating moms all week long on KVRR Local News heading into Mother’s Day. Moms are just the best.
You’ve been sending in pictures of your moms telling us why they’re so great.

First up, Danielle told us about her mom. She says, “This is my Mom, Faline Sorensen (yes, named after the deer in ‘Bambi’). My mom is great, she still loves and care about me, no matter how much I messed up or how hurtful I was to her.”

And then Nick writes in about two of our own at KVRR. He says “My name is Nick Theisen and I am the nephew of two of your team members at KVRR, Jane and Joe Radske. I had the incredible opportunity to live under their roof for two years while attending NDSU and consider them a 2nd set of parents.”

He ends his note with a very sweet message, saying, “Jane, thank you for all that you do. Your kindness, generosity, and selflessness knows no limits. Happy Mother’s Day.”

And finally, a note from Emily Welker about her mom.

“My mom is the best mom I know.
She’s not just a mom to me and my brother… she’s a mother in law who loves my husband to bits, a kind of extra mom to my best friend Tim, and she’s pretty much adopted every duck, raccoon, seagull, blue jay, heron, opossum and egret on the West Coast. She has a million creatures who love her, but I’m the one she brought home first.
Thanks for being you, Mom.”


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