West Acres Rolls Out New Rules At Re-Opening, Not All Shops Open

Some of the stores still closed include Victoria's Secret, JC Penney and Macy's. Best Buy is open by appointment and curbside pickup only.

FARGO, N.D. — The doors may be open at West Acres Mall in Fargo but you may notice some changes on your next trip.

The food court space is limited to just one section, the furniture is gone and new signage is posted everywhere.

“We need people to come in here and work with us on this. We are requesting people wear masks and be respectful with proper distancing, it’s the only way it’s going to work,” Senior Vice President of Property Management, West Acres Chris Heaton said.

Heaton says about 20% of the stores are going to be open in the mall as businesses choose to remain closed for a longer period of time.

Some of the stores still closed include Victoria’s Secret, JC Penney and Macy’s. Best Buy is open by appointment and curbside pickup only.

“It will be a smart rollout store that is going to open when they are ready and we are totally fine with that, we are not out to rush things, we wanna do it smart and we wanna do it safely,” Heaton said.

The mall will also have additional security set up to try and remind people to follow the new rules.

He says all new changes will be an adjustment for customers and shops.

“We ask people to be efficient about their trips out here come out shop dine and head home keep it efficient keep it tight keep it quick we are happy to have you but right now the social aspect needs to be monitored,” Heaton said.

Heaton says the mall will continue to adapt and change it’s rules to follow the North Dakota Smart Reopen plans put in place and says that things will eventually go back to normal.

“Now is going to be a new normal. It might be we don’t know if there is one thing we have learned over the last couple months is every single day this changes,” Heaton said.

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