Social Distancing: Stay Golden

Plus, A Haircut Dilemma


Even some of the most basic things we do bring a whole rash of new questions this morning.
Like, I think I need a haircut. It’s getting pretty raggedy.

Adam Hair Pic

Even that little bit of growth is agony for TV news people. We’re taught to keep our hair locked in as tight as possible like our lives depend on it.

And we’re all very vain people, so when it gets out of hand, yikes.
If you look up close, it’s getting nearly impossible to keep it all under control.
But what to do about it is a huge question. Barber shops are open again in North Dakota, but not in Minnesota. But do I want to chance it getting a professional haircut? I honestly don’t think so.

My girlfriend keeps insisting she can do it. She’s promisng to watch all the YouTube tutorials and work on a technique.
But should I trust her?
I actually threw that question out on Facebook, and the overwhelming answer is yes.

Jenni Lou told me, “Yes. Trust her. I have a feeling.” Well I’m glad you backed up your argument with having a hunch.

Sue says, “Can’t hurt!”. I guess that’s true. There are no nerve endings in your hair.

Kerry says he and his wife help each other out. He writes, “My wife let me color her hair, I have let her cut mine before it turned out fine.”

Maybe I should propose a similar exchange of services with my girlfriend. I’ll let you know what I decide before, as my dad would say, I start looking like a long-haired hippie.


All these questions we’re facing about everyday life can be stressful. But one of the biggest balls of positive energy in the valley is hoping to lift our spirits this morning with some pretty sensible social distancing advice.

Sue Baron with Golden Drive Homeless Kids is staying golden…girls this morning, mashing up the theme song to the classic show with new lyrics about wearing masks, washing your hands and following social distancing.
And you know, the Golden Girls are right in that higher risk category. So washing your hands and wearing a mask could help protect the Rose, Dorothy, Blanche or Sophia in your life.

Thanks Sue, for giving us something to smile about this morning.
How are you keeping things positive during social distancing? People are getting pretty creative.
We’d love to hear what you’re doing!
Message me on Facebook and Twitter.


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